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We all know that feeling when we sit down at our computers, open it up ready to work, and... nothing. Our minds go blank staring at a white square waiting for us to somehow turn it into an Instagram post that will captivate our audience exactly how we want it to. Where to begin?? The pressure can be daunting. 


Sometimes we just need a little push, something to start with, anything but a blank white square staring back at us. It's easy to turn to Canva's thousands of premade Instagram templates, but sorting through the never-ending scroll can be just as discouraging as starting from scratch.


With these nine simply, minimally, and elegantly designed Canva templates, you can confidently create the post you've been dreaming of in your head but couldn't seem to translate into a design. And by weaving all nine throughout your feed, you'll be seeing a more beautiful and cohesive feed in no time.


What's included?


  • Nine Canva templates with...
    • three announcements
    • hours notice
    • two promotions
    • a quote
    • a review
    • a service description
  • Available to use with both Canva free and pro

London Social Media Pack

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